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Mirror cabinets

Sometimes it’s got to be more than a mirror – especially in bathrooms where storage space is in short supply. Then mirror cabinets are a practical alternative that makes good sense. Their increasing popularity can be attributed to their attractive design, which has made quantum leaps in recent years. And besides providing space for toothbrushes and the like, many modern mirror cabinets also come with smart lighting systems that can be controlled via a digital assistant or Bluetooth. As a result, mirror cabinets don’t just ensure the bathroom stays neat and tidy, they help create an inviting ambience as well. We offer a wide range of mirror cabinets and are more than happy to advise you on which one is right for your needs. Because a mirror cabinet isn’t just practical, it makes a statement – and therefore plays a key role in defining the style of your bathroom. And by the way: whichever one you choose, we’ve got the bathroom furniture to match. Get inspired!

2-türige Spiegelschränke

2-door mirror cabinets

3-türige Spiegelschränke

3-door mirror cabinets

4-türige Spiegelschränke

4-door mirror cabinets


Recessed mirror cabinets

The mirror cabinet is the perfect alternative to a simple bathroom mirror

burgbad offers mirror cabinets that will fit in with any bathroom furnishings. What’s more, they make a versatile eye-catcher that provides a variety of different functions. Since the mirror cabinet first appeared on the scene in the 1970s, mirrors and mirror cabinets have become a familiar sight and are now a standard feature of any modern bathroom.

Beautifully neat and tidy. Versatile storage space solutions.

Behind its mirrored doors there’s plenty of practical storage space for cosmetics and care products that are used on a daily basis. The mirror cabinet is mounted on the wall, usually above the washbasin.

An eye-catcher with lots of useful functions

The cabinets are equipped with doors mirrored on both sides, an integrated internal power socket, a magnifying mirror (depending on the model / version), an optional magnetic strip, glass shelving and optional basin lighting. The height of the glass shelves is individually adjustable.

Mirror cabinets with lighting

Mirror cabinets with and without lighting are available for our top-quality and superbly made bathroom furniture. When the doors are open, the decorative and functional LED lighting efficiently illuminates the interior of the cabinet as well. With some of the models, the lighting can be varied to create the desired mood and is designed to respond to people’s changing needs over the course of the day. With rl40, the light from the mirror cabinet doesn’t just illuminate the area in front of the cabinet, it shines inwards and upwards as well. As a result, a single LED light is all that’s needed to illuminate the interior of the cabinet and provide indirect uplighting at the same time. The LED light is glare-free, dimmable and can be varied between warm and cold white. Because it’s available with the corresponding protection classes, LED lighting is particularly suitable for use in spaces where high humidity is the norm – in the bathroom, for instance. It can be controlled via a switch / sensor.

Different design versions

We also offer a choice of models which, instead of being completely mirrored, are designed as a shelving element with an open compartment plus door, depending on the width of the carcass selected. Thanks to the mix of materials, asymmetric structure, open elements and warm lighting, these mirror cabinets make a far more harmonious impression than classic models. Other models are equipped with a circular mirrored door that projects beyond the edges of the cabinet, with indirect lighting that shines through the glass itself in some places. As a result, the mirror appears to hover in mid-air.


Our huge choice of mirror cabinets includes models in a wide range of different heights, widths and depths. In some cases they can even be custom-sized to suit your needs. Our one-door mirror cabinets are available in widths ranging from 30cm to 120cm. The mirror cabinets with two doors come in widths from 60cm to 160cm, those with three doors range from 80cm to 180cm wide. Four-door mirror cabinets are available in sizes between 120cm and 200cm.

Mirror cabinets for small bathrooms

The smaller the bathroom, the bigger the challenge to come up with a design that doesn’t just look harmonious but makes sensible use of the space as well. The solution: bathroom furniture that not only looks good but provides plenty of storage space too – like our narrow mirror cabinets. Thanks to their dimensions, they make optimal use of the space above the washbasin. What’s more, our small mirror cabinets will fit into pretty much any bathroom or guest bathroom, regardless of its size.

Custom-sized mirror cabinet

When it comes to adaptability and lighting, the MASSFLEX mirror cabinet for the bathroom is a genuine all-rounder: the width, height and depth of this attractive mirror cabinet can be custom-sized to suit individual needs and space situations. And it’s available with four different LED lighting options: MASSFLEX can be equipped with horizontal lighting, two different top-mounted lights or vertical lighting to create a pleasant lighting mood in your bathroom.

Recessed mirror cabinets

The recessed mirror cabinet is a particularly elegant option because it’s installed flush with the wall: the cabinet carcass is set into the wall and is therefore invisible. At first glance, it looks like a decorative mirror rather than a functional mirror cabinet with lots of storage space. Please note that if you’re planning to install a flush-mounted mirror cabinet, a corresponding recess is required in the wall.